Darker Times

April 5, 2012
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From the appeasement of Poland
to the declaration of WWII,
followed by the french attack of Saarland.

A new war fought on the newly buried no-mans-land,
thousands marched to their deaths two by two by two,
a new battle opens up on the sand
only one in 4 American men land,
but the bloodiest part has yet to ensue.
One is lucky if they leave with their right hand.

they say in Nazi Germany blood lust is in high demand.
What else is new?
The bunkers are filled and the turrets are manned.

“Who is that being marched off hand in hand?”
“That my son man is a Jew”
“but papa those men are on their last stand.”

do you hear the marching band?
They say Germany is on her last stand,
Hitler my man I bid you adieu,
and with this war you lost your land.

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