I Am Me, Myself & I <3

March 23, 2012
By Anonymous

I Am Curious & Boy-Crazy.
I Wonder How Other People Live Around The World.
I Hear Music Blasting All Around Me.
I See HOT Blancitos.
I Want Food When I Get Home.
I Am Curious & Boy-Crazy.

I Pretend I'm A Successful Celebrity.
I Feel Happy.
I Touch People's Heart.
I Worry That I Would Lose Someone Important To Me.
I Cry When Someone In My Family Dies.
I Am Curious & Boy-Crazy.

I Understand The Phrase "What Comes Around, Goes Around".
I Say "NEVER Give Up On Your Dreams".
I Dream To Be Someone Big In Life.
I Try To Do Good In School.
I Hope To Graduate High School.
I Am Curious & Boy-Crazy.

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