My Mind

March 23, 2012
This part of my mind has been lost at sea
Until you bring back the memory.
The front door is broken, the panels are torn
I stare at the ground, my heart has been worn.

I remember when this place was once my home.
When we played as small children, young adults, and so on.
But one day you became filled with hatred and greed.
That some how led up to be the end of me.

When you were close, I felt as if it were Christmas
Morning in the crisp air of summer.
Like there was no need for heaters,fireplaces,or lumber.

When I touched your electricity, it tingled my spine.
I had lost my since of judgement. I wanted you to be mine.

The harsh smell of sulphur infiltrated my nose.
I was brought back to reality. The memories I have opposed.
This is the house that my dismay built.
And the one, his rough hands would burn out of suit.

We used to be so happy, so young, and so free.
But then you turned around and cheated on me.
So when you decided to leave, and thought
It was time to let me go, you burnedme in my house, because of rumors that were told.

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