"Take me home to Armenia"

March 23, 2012
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The bible mountain stays still and gorgeous
Meeting people lending there
Ararat - our greatest proudness
Call Armenians from everywhere.

Thousands of years passed over you
And sun rose brightly from Sevan’s Lake
The king Trtat that made us first
Christians that lived with no fake.

My tongue is trembling when I spell
Armenian letters that sound like a pledge
39 letters father left our nation’s treasure
Mesrop Mashtoc took us to the glory edge.

Your eyes have seen wars and struggles
From farmers to king found their power
They fell, they gave their last blood to you
To defend and maintain our little tower.

1915 April came, the ground covered with black blood
Turkish killed 1.5 million people-making biggest genocide
Tears and cries, kids were tortured in front of parents
Some couldn’t see it and went to suicide.

But after all we breathed survived
We have our churches and khachkars
That’s our culture that’s who we are
So let the sun shine, so do the stars.

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