Worst Nightmare

March 22, 2012
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Oh god!
take me to your heaven,take me to your paradise.
this world is so cruel, I don't want to survive.
they say I am a curse,
they say I have ruined their life.
no one cares if I am dilapidated,
no one cares if I am mortified.
oh god! this is just because I was born as a girl child.

I have no place for my tears to shed,
they say I am a burden on their head.
I too have a heart which cries and withers day and night.
they gaze at me giving dirty looks,
and they laugh when I cry.
oh god! I can't abstain myself from crying,
what I have done to you?
why you have granted me this life?

I want to go out,I want my own freedom
yes, I am a prisoned bird inside a dark cage.
and whenever I try to step outside this cage,
they make bad rumours,they make my life abashed.
there is no one to support,no one to understand my sentiments.
because I was born all alone with sorrows,
and even have to exist within sorrows,
oh god! hold my hand and lead me away from this world.
because as being a girl child is the worst nightmare I ever thought.

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