April 2, 2012
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shaylapurple16 PLATINUM, Hong Kong, Other
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"Writing doesn’t mean deciding to sit still all of your life and think. Ideas come from living and experiencing life, and then stepping back to think." -Shayla

Why do the rich get richer,
While the poor get poorer?
Why does the high class rise,
While the middle class drops,
And the lower class sinks?

Who created “classes”?
Why isn’t everyone equal?
But if I say that,
Why is it considered communist?

Could separations,
By country,
And status,
Be the cause of the world’s many,

Are the rich genuinely joyful?
Are the poor truly depressed?
And if those two own those emotions,
What does that make the middle class?

Do different things make,
Contrasting people satisfied?
Does material make the rich happy?
Do basic needs make the poor happy?
And if this is so,
What is true happiness?

While the rich can talk about the poor,
They only know “of” them.
But what would happen if,
A person from every country,
Every race,
Every status,
Gathered in the same room?
Would they each have the guts to say,
What they say about each other in the media,
To each other’s faces?

Would apologies be in order?
Would emotional realizations take place?
Or would they just stare into each others’ eyes,
Wondering, just like me,
The answers to these same,

The author's comments:
This piece is meant to make people wonder about the social injustices of our world.

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