The Neighborhood Watchman

April 5, 2012
By CjRucker BRONZE, Thousand Oaks, California
CjRucker BRONZE, Thousand Oaks, California
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"Courage is grace under pressure" - Ernest Hemingway

The neighborhood watchman
The man that possesses too much power
So much power he can kill a seventeen year old boy armed with skittles that are sour
And the ever so dangerous ice tea in a can
Who is this man
And why does he have a gun in his hand
Because he is the neighborhood watchman

A nine millimeter pistol was the weapon that was fired.
Who is the individual that said “take this gun you’re hired”
The question is, were there any credentials required
If so, where were these "skills" acquired
So who is truly responsible for what transpired

The tragedy that occurred on February 26th will forever be remembered
As the event that left all of our hearts tender
As the days go by others will say “the seventeen year old boy shouldn’t have ran”

But ask yourself this
Who was the man
And why did he have a gun in his hand…
Because he was the neighborhood watchman

The author's comments:
The recent events in Florida involving Trayvon Martin's death really inspired me to write this. A documentary film called four little girls directed by Spike Lee also inspired me

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