water & walls

March 28, 2012
By Anonymous

Forever under water, let my walls cave in. The pain you could no longer spare was slowly giving in. Watching you just stand there as I continued to fall. Relate to my childhood that I barely had at all. Pay no mind with in my classes, the attention they don’t receive. I watch my peers listen as the hearts inside them bleed. May I dare surrender to what continues to go unseen; above & beyond the horizon of all that there may be. What is & isn’t there, for all that is unclear. I walk with in shallow waters in closed by walls that keep me here. This selfish world we live in, the reality that only causes pain. The only time I gain my serenity is on the days we get a chance of rain. And as I continue to write & re write my story, changing details & little words, I cannot make it perfect; it’s unexpected in the world. Voiced over by the thousands that come to hear you speak, now argue with the minds that have no speech. These people cannot hear, they cannot sit, stand, or see. But they can feel just the same & call themselves like we call we. Breaking & pushing, finding a way through these walls. There must be a way out of here, the other side still calls. There is no gray area. Please listen to my voice! I can only pray you see as I do & decide to make some noise. Prove a point & protest; we’re tied down by chains & ropes. Up against all odds of the things we do not know. If we stand together you can hear the curtain call, Watch the water rise & pray these walls will fall. This darkened tunnel of our lives that leave us in despair, we complain, we cry, & laugh so deprived of those who care. How I arrived into this tunnel, of dark, black emptiness I do not know. But I’ve realized that all that matters is just how far I go. But it’s an ongoing tunnel, there seems to be no end. I have the option to turn around but why go back there again? As the world gets more & more horrific, the past is not where I want to be. Watching home movies & looking at old pictures remembering all I used to see. How large the world seemed to be from such a small point of view. The opportunities were endless if you set your mind on what to do. Now millions go to work every day praying it’s still there. Watching their paychecks decrease or disintegrate with much existence are they aware. We go to sleep afraid of what the next day may bring & wake up in the morning to hear not a single bird sing. As the streets grow silent & we walk within thin air. We are left with little to hold onto & of this we are aware. I began in an open light that seemed to be so clear, & as I’m slowly going under I wonder how I managed to get here.
Memory gone
My protection from the world all i ever had he made things good when they got bad the only man known to stand his ground by my side will never be found, unless I cry. Within my tears his reflection will show, in my dreams he'll come & go. To think he left just as fast as he came, life without this boy will never be the same. So many knew him as close, he was family & friend. Nobody knew it would ever come to an end. Such a tragic thing to do, all you've left behind. Though I'll never forgive you I hold no grudge with pride. No pity, no shame, just a tired some mind full of memories that will never be left behind. The only human I trusted hole heartedly so.... Dear brother the words good bye I do not know

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