March 28, 2012
Fake, shallow, passive aggressive
Heartless, mean, jealous, possessive
Smile to my face, stab me in the back
And you say I’m on the wrong track

You’re vicious, cruel, pathetic and mean
Your smile is more plastic than a beauty queen’s
You try to steal my friends, ex boyfriends, too
Do you seriously have nothing better to do?

Get over yourself off your high horse
Had we been a married couple, I’d demand a divorce
You walk around like you’re better than the rest of us
You once had it, but you’ve lost every ounce of my trust

One day he’ll see through your mask
I can’t forgive you, so don’t even ask
I’m sick of the lying, the drama and BS
So quit being heartless, and give it a rest

Best friends forever, we used to be
Who was I kidding? You weren’t there for me
I want you to know, I’m moving on
I’d hoped you would change, guess I was wrong

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