Cherry blossom tree

March 28, 2012
By DUR-Grl BRONZE, NewYork, New York
DUR-Grl BRONZE, NewYork, New York
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Dear cherry blossom tree way beyond that hill, the one that only I can see whenever time stands still. When I walk out into the open, in to the sun, with in the rain, when I can feel the clouds moving in so that I’m only left in the shade. Within the darkness that was newly found, beyond the stars & moon that I am bound. Your pinkness & softness, you remain so bright. The only time I can’t see you; is at night. Even then I know you’re there, somehow it comforts me, the sweetness you bare, the thought of someday reaching your roots, & maybe holding a flower or two. Whenever that day seems to come, whenever I get far enough, whenever I get that chance to reach, far beyond my eyes can see. Some People say that day will come soon, I say it’s a fact that I’ll never reach you. Your way too far, you’re out of my reach, your beauty is only something to see. & in the winter it’s something that’s lost, something so gone it’s not worth the cause. But within the days you last & stand, the days you call & blossom again, when the sight of you relieves my pain, when I get to breathe deep & relax again. When I can cry knowing only you will see, when you take apart every piece of me. The days I stand & watch you there, seem so peaceful within the air. It’s nice to think of nothing, to just look at you, some say I have nothing to do. They don’t understand what we share; they just don’t seem to really care. So let them be, & let them fight, under the stars you still shine so slight. & to you drear cherry blossom tree, I thank you for taking care of me. But I have one more problem before I walk away, what should do with the boy who can’t stay? What do I do when I want to go, yet in my mind & heart I truly know, how much I love him & how much he means… how can I tie these seems? I want to keep him, he’s something I need. I cannot lose him to ungrateful greed. My mind surrounds me with words I don’t understand, so what do I do when I hold his hand? Dear cherry blossom tree way beyond that hill, what do I do when time stands still? What do I do when I walk away, when I have nothing left but my last breath to say, when time begins to move again, &I slowly lose sight of my best friend, when I’m up against all odds & nothing seems right, when I’m just hanging by threads at night. What do I do if I can’t walk away? Knowing I’m not allowed to stay. What happens if I break the rules? When I’m really left with nothing to do, today I walked out into that open field, I turned around & there I kneeled, for right before me was nothing again, just emptiness, where was my old friend? You left all my questions unanswered & unheard, you left me feeling hurt. But someone walked with me today, an important someone who I can’t say. I guess you were trying to prove that you were only there when I need you. But once I brought another friend, you said goodbye & left my end. Only I could see you, & now you’re gone, but someone left two flowers on your empty new lawn, there was a letter there that I picked up, I opened it & read it, then I cried allot. For when I read it, it said these words, they were so simple they were almost heard, “dear cherry blossom tree way beyond that hill, the one that only I can see whenever time stands still, it no longer does so I left in a rush just for you see that I was only here for a short moment or two, you saw me & I saw you. So now I say before I go good luck to you & all you know”. When I read these words I smiled deep, I buried the flowers & their seeds. Though they never grew again, in my heart is a memory of dear old friend.

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