An Angel In Hell

April 4, 2012
... Evil and madness coming from left and right, her body gets tight as she tries to win this horrible fight. Why is she going through so much hell when she's the girl that never fails?

The halo, the white dress, the wings, all of these heavenly things she has in her possession-they don't matter because the pain she endures feels as though she was arrested. She dreams of one day being free, but realizes that could never be.

She's tired, and the end is near; her heavenly father has yet to appear. She cries out "why me!?", "why me!?" There's no answer. Her perfect body is draped in all white. She should be in heaven, but her surroundings prove otherwise. Red fire surrounds her, her body and soul drifts away as the demons continue to drown her. She herself wonders why is she going through so much hell.

The time is here, she is now face to face with God. All she can do is stare, wondering if her life is impaired and if this is the beginning of the end.

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