Afraid of...

April 1, 2012
 I stand there still
Full of so much fear
As he stands close and near.
I close my eyes, hoping he'd disappear.
Opening my eyes, he's gone!
I stare in amazement.
But it goes away, the amazement.
I notice him standing behind me, completely still.
He had not left, not gone!
It crepts up again, the fear.
Why won't he go away or disappear?
But he slowly backs away, not so near.
It creeps back, not wanting to be close or near,
But he stands there in amazement.
Clearly no going to disappear.
He walks around, not being still.
While I stand there in fear,
Again wishing him gone.
But he won't be gone!
Yet he does not stand near.
And why don't I feel any fear?
Something else take its place, the amazement.
Suddenly, he looks at me, being still.
Do I really want him to disappear?
I don't want him to disappear.
I don't want him gone!
I no longer stand still.
Slowly, I go near and near.
But I stop, he continues to stare in amazement.
I stay and wait for the fear
To go, to disappear.
But instead it mixes with the amazement.
Surprised, he has not gone.
But I won't go near.
I stand there still.
The feelings of amazement and fear
Are still there not going to disappear.
I slide them away, gone. Slowly, I go near.

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