Hunger Games Parody part1

April 3, 2012
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Katniss: (Yawns, steaches)

Walks outside and under the electric fence. Draws bow and walks around the woods.


Katniss: AHHHH!!!! (shoots bow at sound)

*Girlish scream*

Katniss: Heyyyy!

Gale: WTF! What was that for?

Katniss: My bad :P

Cut to the town square.

Lady in hot pick walks out, names Effie.

Effie: Welcome to the hunger games! Here is a short video for you to watch to make you hate us more than what you already do! Enjoy! (Smiles and walks off stage)

Video: Long ago something happened that caused this apocalypse to happen, we don't really know what happened but it happened so shut up and listen. For some reason we all at the capitol decided to blame 13 groups of people. We really don't know why we did that either but we did but we did. We ended up blowing up the 13 one which was a big opssies on our part since really need that industry but oh well! Any-way, for our entertainment you are suposed to send in a dude and a chick to fight to the death agains other people because we don't have anything else better to do. Well that seems to be it! Bye!

Effie: (returns to stage) Wasn't that lovely?


Effie: Well heres the first name!
(Draws name) Ohhh Primrose Everdeen!

Prim: OH CRAP! (Trudges up the stage)

Effie: Well Hello!

Prim: This sucks!

Katniss and Prims mother: Go up there and tell your sister to be more respectful!

Katniss: I don't wanna!

Mother: NOW!

Katniss: (Groans) FINE! (walks up stage) PRIM-!

Effie: Ohhh a volunteer!

Katniss: What-?

Prim: Rushes off stage Yaaaaa!

Katniss: Hey wait a-

Effie: Whats your name?

Katniss: Katniss, but I-

Effie: Awww what a terrible name! (Smiles) Next the boys! (Draws a name) Peeta! Come on up here.

Peeta: (Walks up on stage, looks at Katniss) I LOVE YOU!

Effie: Awk-ward! Anyway these are the people you will be seeing fight to the death! Bye and Crappy Hunger Games! (Smiles and takes Katniss and Peeta off stage and into the building)

Effie: Katniss and Peeta you both will be in two different rooms to say goodbye to your family and friends fopr what will probly be the last time because you will both likely be coming back in a crapy coffin.

Katniss and Peeta: kk!

Katniss: (walks into a room and sees Gale) Heyyy!

Gale: Hey, sucks to be you.

Katniss: Yuppers :P

Gale: Well, Have fun and try not to get killed!

Katniss: (Hugs Gale) You too!

(Katnisses mother and sister walks in)

Katniss: You turd! (Katniss points at Prim)

Mother: (Hugs Katniss) Hey, don't die because none of us know how to hunt and we would be in deep crap. K?

Katniss: KK!

(Mom and Sister leaves)

Effie: Time to go! (walks Peeta and Katniss on the train)

Peeta: (Keeps Staring at Katniss) Your hot!

Katniss: (stares out a window)

Effie: Time to meet your totally unqualified and drunk mentor!

....End of Part 1....


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TheWordSmith said...
Apr. 5, 2012 at 5:52 pm

Good job on this satirical writing. It would have been more effective, in my opinion, if you had used proper grammar/spelling (For example: "Okay?" instead of "K?"). Also, you used the word "crap" a lot, which could have been funny if used sparingly, but it felt a little overdone by the end.

But good job overall :)

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