April 3, 2012
By LassieBob GOLD, Albion, Pennsylvania
LassieBob GOLD, Albion, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Pain is pain. It could be physical or mental, but all in all? Everyone's hurting."

THE hidden name behind this face
The memories that time cannot erase.
Things no one wants to know,
Are things I whisper, quiet and low.

THINGS that may not seem much-
A gentle hand, her soothing touch.
Mistakes and choices that they made,
The red inside this burning rage.

I'LL wonder when I lay at night,
Who'll be there to hold me tight?
My heart longs to rise, to grow
To seek the answers I'll never know.

NEVER is what I hear at your name.
A hush, a whisper- Oh, quiet pain
You surround me all day long,
You are the music, but he is the song.

TELL me no secret and tell me no lie-
Don't say you love me, for I cannot reply.
My heart is tucked in a bottle away
It screams the words that I'll never say.

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