April 3, 2012
By gymgirl73 BRONZE, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
gymgirl73 BRONZE, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
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Gazing through chic, tinted windows,
Waiting for my chance to be,
Wishing I was on the inside.
But thick - the glass in front of me.
“You must be the best!
Become skinny, dress differently” - be worldly.
Empty glasses, masquerade smiles, and lightless eyes -
That’s all you need to get to the red carpet doors.

Nothing comes as easy as they say;
The world ripped me apart.
Pieces of my heart were broken and stolen,
Jaded with innocence lost.

Bitterness and hurt made a home within me,
Stripping me of myself,
Changing me into someone I shouldn’t have been.
Resentment and blame at battle constantly.

One day I strolled by a stained glass window.
One that I hadn’t seen before.
Inside, they shamelessly belted hymns to a god they couldn’t see.
Warmly welcoming, they gestured to me.
“Your sin is the only thing holding you back.”
I had a decision to make,
A chance that would change me.

I went from the window and opened the door.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by the brokenness of the insecure and the unreachable standards of society.

As a movie makes a book come alive, I hope that this piece shows both a story and vivid image for the reader to hold on to.

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