Memories Undone

April 2, 2012
She woke abruptly, gazing at the sun.
She thought of precious memories undone.
It shined amongst her withered, wrinkled face,
Illuminating her sky eyes and lace
dress, casting somber shadows, thick behind
her body. Grief and sorrow seized her mind,
enclosed itself around her loving soul,
while she submerged her hands in the rough shoal.
The leaves began to flutter silently,
meandering and fleeting from their tree.
They would disperse amid the jagged land,
crunch noisily beneath her old, untanned
feet. It was desolate yet beautiful,
the worn terrain, concealed with colorful,
bright autumn leaves, and the delicious scent
of striking evergreen. She would lament
his absence every single day that passed,
cling lovingly to him, cherish their past.
The wind blew softly, cold against her ears,
The cemetery where she wiped her tears.

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