The Second Time

April 4, 2012
By ladyknights24 GOLD, Brooklyn,NY, New York
ladyknights24 GOLD, Brooklyn,NY, New York
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"Don't go looking for love, let love come find you"

The first time you entered my mind
was last year, when we were jogging.
All I remember was when you ran past
me and tapped me on my left shoulder,
where my bones connect, and that soothing
touch fulfilled me with all the energy in the
world. Then there was another one where I
saved you a seat. I save you a seat and instead
of sitting with your homies, you took the seat I
save for you and you only .Another was when
you waited for me every day to go to school together
in any weather at the very same place. The last and
the happiest was when we were holding hands,
walking down streets, not caring who saw us
and was less than 2 seconds away from making out,
and it never happened because
I knew that wasn’t the best for me.

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