March 15, 2012
By Anonymous

The shell around me crumbles
Like the walls of a great castle
Collapsing around a condemned kingdom,
Fearful on this fortress forgotten in the ferns,

Left on this nest of needle’s and nails
Never to know of a mother’s nurture,
Alone, abandoned, afraid.

The sky has stopped crying its sorrowful tears
Yet dark clouds still loom over my impending doom,
I am a nation without an army,
Who will protect me?
Who will feed me?
Who will teach me how to fly?
Unguarded, unassisted, unsafe.

Trapped in a prison cemented to a tree,
The darkness surrounds me in a curtain of confusion,
No mom to smother me under her wings
Frigid winds torture my featherless pelt

Tearing, ripping, piercing through my tender self,

No one to kiss it and make it all better,

Panicked, pained, petrified.
I must not surrender to this ruthless world,
I will endure the endless extreme afflictions,
Against all odds I will survive.

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