Teenage Rage

March 15, 2012
By mnmchangy SILVER, St.paul, Minnesota
mnmchangy SILVER, St.paul, Minnesota
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The meaning of life, is to live life with a meaning

I’m a raging teenager, bottling up my emotions
Don’t say you’re not too when you’re trying to slip away from your mistakes with lotion
Don’t you know that feeling, when u feel like you’re trapped in darkness?
When you’re digging in your skin, feeling the pain of the souls from these empty carcasses?
My life’s been going on for too long and I feel like I’m wasting it
So many people just doing me wrong and I gotta go on faking it
I reached an epiphany last night and realized I don’t try hard enough
And so I end up hurting the people I care for and the ones I dearly love
Sometimes you ever wonder that maybe you’re better off dead
16 years ago have your mom aborted you and maybe that’s better instead?
The more I try to get better the more I slip further away
And my heart just falls apart as my mind becomes a slave
You know that moment when you don’t give a damn, nothing’s going well
You won’t accept any promises because you know either way you’re still going to hell
And your life is going bad, everyone’s all sad, blood boiling in you and your about to go mad
You try to stop the anger but soon its over filling
You try to contain it but its already spilling
Then you just let it leak but it suddenly sets on fire
Then you burn yourself putting it out and we all just end up sick and tired
But being a teenager is hard because we’re still young, still kids
Fighting our tantrums and wiping our mess with bibs
I don’t know pain anymore because I was given too much morphine

I just want to go to sleep and forget it but I had too much caffeine
My hair’s falling out from stress and complications
Damn, I’m just praying for someone to save me from these bad situations

The author's comments:
I wanted this to be spoken word poetry :) I had inspiration from a song i was listening to and at the same time I was just another teenager, mad at her parents and at the world for giving her a lot of crap at the moment

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