March 15, 2012
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I was lost in a place of darkness,
With nothing but utter fear.
Thoughts ran through my head,
But I still could not think clear.
Not a noise in a thousand miles,
Besides this old fashioned clock.
Death finally retired,
And hopelessness made its stop.

Thoughts reminiscing in my mind,
As my heart shatters like glass.
The clock finally struck 12,
And hopelessness showed at last.
Not an all black cloak,
Or even a sign of a scythe.
But a gorgeous, magnificent woman,
Covered in nothing but white.

As the so-called woman reached out her hand,
A single tear fell from my eye.
The most gorgeous smile came upon her face,
As I started to cry.
She held my hand tightly,
And told me it would be okay.
I was no longer contained,
I was finally free to stray.

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