Life's Comfort

March 15, 2012
By TDesselle BRONZE, Moreauville, Louisiana
TDesselle BRONZE, Moreauville, Louisiana
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Ten months of comfort.
And then you have to leave.
Leave out of your comfort zone.
You're faced with this new world.
Something you're not used to.
You just want to go back.

The want to go back.
To feel the comfort
From your mother you always ran to.
You just don't want to leave.
Don't want to leave that world,
but you have ti move into a new zone

And now leaving another zone.
Always wanting to go back.
Entering a bigger world.
Now you don't want to the comfort,
Knowing that you have to leave,
The safety you always go to.

Now you're the only person you can go to
Completely out of that safe zone.
You just want to leave,
Wanting to go back.
Missing the once had comfort.
You don't know if you can handle the new world.

Now you understand the world,
And you don't have to leave.
You have your family to comfort.
They are now part of your zone,
And you wouldn't go back
Waiting for the time they leave

Now it's time to leave.
Time to move into the new world.
Now all you have is to look back.
Nothing to look forward to.
Completely leaving the zone.
No way to give or receive comfort.

Leaving is never comfort.
Never part of the safe zone.
Something no one looks forward to.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the fact that every time I start to get comfortable in my life something happens. This is a poem I wrote about how people get used to their comfort zone each time they just start to get comfortable. Each stanza is a different part of life, such as the first stanza is about a baby in the womb and the second to last stanza is about someone dying.

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