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March 30, 2012
By cmalcolm DIAMOND, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
cmalcolm DIAMOND, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Monday. . .
Going through the motions
Never quite engaged or involved
Or even awake for that matter
Blacking out, dozing. . .
Nodding off
My world amazingly ceases to revolve

Always there, not very important
Fun-filled evenings
Work-filled days
A respite for the hard-working
Just another day

The damn middle of the week!
The death day;
Full of stress
Never quite over, long and boring.
But half way done,
And Half-way to go
The reach the ultimate day
The weekend, yo

The day before Friday
It has us begging for the weekend
Another boring day
Like a Monday, but—different.
Thank God
The Angry day

The party day
Entrance to the weekend
Rushing to get through it
Who cares?!

A day of togetherness
Friends, Family.
Sports, games, events, and such
All the Fun things
I love Saturday SO much

The Sabbath
The Sunny day
The day that never,
Ever seems to go away
Boring and sleepy
Late mornings, Late nights
Then Back to Monday
I wish I had one day

The author's comments:
Just a poem I wrote when I was bored. Pretty true though. The week, what an intense invention.

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