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April 1, 2012
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Is it safe to trust a lost soul?
A lost being?
A clouded mind?
Tell me, is it safe?
This feeling of hope rising in every breath taken?
Every smile made, every memory?
This feeling of believing something is different.
Something is changing, little by little.
Are these moments spared of just you&me worth it?
Worth suffering through, but completely priceless?
Are you worth my time?
The Angels or prehaps the Devils resting on my shoulders, with boulders behind me.
They tell me, guide me, through everything for better or for worst.
Then, when we just stop.
Stop&stare at the splintering cold night sky.
The endless blindness.
We look deep into, expecting for an answer.
An answer to our impossibles.
Our wondering questions.
An answer to our triumphs or our fails.
We search for it, hoping it will end the endless.
Searching&searching, but what do we find?
We find the itty bittys, that we are unclear why it's come upon us.
We find the useless&get rid of it constantly.
We don't know what's to become.
So maybe, it is safe.
Safe to have hope.
That this could be different.
That this could be the thing I'm searching for.
This could be my all.
But am I yours?
We, young minded kids, don't know.
We know absolutely nothing, neither do the wise.
We know the jist of what we think is true.
We don't know the exact facts.
But never the wrong ones.
So tell me a story.
A story that is filled with the fairy tale absence of you&me.
Because this is all reality&right now,
At this moment.
Reality is too fake for me.
I need a happy ending.
A change to what I am.
A different path to walk upon.
I need something, that one something that will pay the bills.
The bill of every cost that crosses.
So please, just whisper slightly in my ear that this is safe...
This is hope.
This is love.
This is true.
This is pure.
Whisper in my ear with your painful, sweet voice.
This is happening.
This is no longer a dream.
No longer a journey of wondering.
Of disappearing in the distant of searching.
Tell me that I found it.
I found the one.
The knight.
The prince.
The theif.
The happy ending.
Tell me that I found myself.
Found the blind.
Found the mute.
Found the weak.
Found the strong.
Tell me that it's safe...

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