Where Poetry Hides

March 27, 2012
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Where do these perfect puzzle piece words hide?

Poetry Hides
On the days me and my hair brush are at war and the next thing I know is that my school bus is down the street.

Poetry Hides
In my sandbox, that I haven’t played in for years and all my imagination is buried down deep as a determined 5 year old could get in one day.

Poetry Hides
Stuck in the sidewalk where my little hands were stuck there since I was 3.

Poetry Hides
In the aroma of pancakes travel to my room and wakes me from my coma.

Poetry Hides
In my room where all my memories are scattered across the walls.

Poetry Hides
Under my pillow where my nightmares hide till the sun goes down.

These are just some of the many places poetry hides….
Can you find them?

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