A Soldier's silent thoughts

March 30, 2012
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Rest in peace to all those soldiers who lost their lives in the wars

Fighting for this country

trying to keep it from being destroyed

Their courage will motivate those future soldiers to this day

I hope I can be as courageous as they

Although I have taken the first step and joined

My true test of courage

Has not yet been shown

It is those people who have flags next to their graves

That reminds me of why I have so much freedom to this day

I hope one day I can say to the future generation

It is only after you have given it your all that you can truly call yourself a soldier

a Soldier's christmas:

I look around this house that I now call my home.

I glance in the mirror realizing my heart has turned to stone

My soul that glowed throughout me is as hidden away as can be

I am a proud heartless soldier

I know that clearly

I pray every night that my heart still goes on

Even though its ice cold from all the pain I have caused

On this cold Christmas day I turn to the window

Seeing a father embracing the love he has for his daughter

It was then that my face decided to smile

And although I am alone I am at peace with myself

For sadness can never take away the joy I just felt

I curl on my poncho

Trying to turn the floor into a comfy bed

I can happily say merry Christmas to all

And to all a good night

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