March 29, 2012
By MegasXLR BRONZE, Horn Lake, Mississippi
MegasXLR BRONZE, Horn Lake, Mississippi
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I dive down, deeper and deeper into the cold
Trying to reach a place where I can be free
Where I am all and all is only me
Poor spirit, taken to the depths then sold

I can’t move at all, my senses numb to the touch
No longer can I feel pain, not one sting
And time is now still, so there’s no point in thinking
This plane is so stressful, I’ve had enough

I no longer can feel pain, anger, love, or fear
I’m drifting lower in the frozen abyss
I’m so tired, I think I’ll take a long rest

No longer will I listen to words I cannot hear
Or think of things I will lose or miss
I’ll be a cold, drifting soul, I think that’s best

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