I'm Afraid of My Bedroom at Night

I’m afraid of my bedroom at night.
The place gives me the creeps.
And with the dimming daylight,
Into my room, the terror seeps.

I know the man is watching me,
Even though he has no eyes.
He makes my room quite eerie
Even when there are clear skies.

I can hear his heavy breathing
And his many muffled whispers.
A cold skeletal hand touches my bedding,
And I begin to whimper.

The fingers crawled towards me
As I watched him, paralyzed.
His hand traveled ever so slowly,
So I gripped my blanket and shut my eyes.

I woke up to light spilling in through my window,
And warming my savior of a blanket.
The man had left an invisible shadow
In a room that was my casket.

So if you’re ever watching the news
And hear of a boy who vanished out of sight
And was last seen entering his room,
Just remember,
He was afraid of his bedroom at night.

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