The Giver of Life

March 29, 2012
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I wake up in the morning
To find a beautiful day.
Not thanking God for my night,
Not taking time to pray.
I knew I should’ve stopped,
Should have given Him my praise,
But I had other things to do.
Distractions persuaded me other ways.
Did God just leave me then?
Did He forget me because of my offense?
No, He never thought to do such a thing.
His love did not run out at my expense.
As the day went on,
I was given blessing after blessing.
Some were in the form of shelter from rain,
Others in the form of food and clothing.
Again I knew I should’ve thanked Him
For being so good to me,
But as usual something came up.
Little details of life were somehow in greater need.
Did then God leave me?
After twice of receiving no thanks in return?
No, He never thought such things,
Even though He knew I had much to learn.
The weeks went by in number,
And days almost seemed to fly.
Still blessings were showered upon me,
While God never left my side.
Then one day I stopped,
And took a good look at my life.
I realized what I had been doing.
I was sorry, and He freed me from guilt and strife.
I thanked Him for not leaving me,
And I thanked Him for his never-ending love.
I asked Him for forgiveness,
And looked to the One who gives help from above.
From that day on I knew
That God deserves my gratitude
For all the little and big things in life,
For family, friends, nature, and my changed attitude.
I never forgot that day,
When I was reminded of one thing.
The giver of life deserves my thanks
Especially for being my Lord and my King.

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