Today I Discovered Something

March 29, 2012
Today I discovered something
I am not alone
all my life
it's always seemed so cold
I was shy, and scared
in third grade
I lost all my hair
I didn't have any friends
people called me a boy
fat, ugly, and disgusting
and treated me like trash
I ignored it
for as long as I could
but today,
today I couldn't
take it any longer
It finally got so bad
that I'd become my worse nightmere
I've lost myself
I've always been
the indepent one
not care what peple thought
and just payed attention
to what was important
my education
but today
something hurt me so bad
that I just collapsed
and I didn't think
anyone could be hurting
as bad as me
at that moment
but tday I discovered something
that over ruled my pain
I found a true friend
who was hurting much more than me
she was n the edge
of suicide
but I found pride
in myself that I never knew
I had
and I stood up to my fears
and I saved a life too
today I discovered
helping others can help you too
so I saved a life and gained
a true friend

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chosenunicorn said...
Nov. 15, 2013 at 11:25 am
A beautiful poem coming from such a tragic event
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