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March 18, 2012
By lucky3 BRONZE, Port Allen, Louisiana
lucky3 BRONZE, Port Allen, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
"we cant know love until we've experienced hatred. We cant know joy until we've experienced grief, and we cant find true love until we've experienced heart break." J.T

Know my secrets, know my fears, you wipe away all my tears. Hold me still, hold me tight, keep me safe for tonight. All the times that we've been forgotten, you held your head high and so did i. Heart breaks, mistakes, battles lost and wars we won; through all of this we were burned. Through all of that lessons were learned. You are always loving me, trusting me, no matter what i seem to do. Where ever i go i will always bring a piece of this... a piece of you.

The author's comments:
This poem is for anyone that's experienced a broken heart. that's been disappointed by someone they loved. that's cried all night and woke up smiling for other peoples benefit. this poem is for that girl that was just dumped by her boyfriend. for that girl that goes through things we could never imagine every day. Or this is for that girl that wakes up every day hoping "he" will notice her, that he will some day love her the way she loves him. this is for the real girls, the ones that give and ask for nothing in return. the ones that say "i give up" but still keep trying. this is for girls like you. i hope that you can read this poem and realize that from everything you've went through, you've learned something. that because of all of that you stand here today wiser and stronger.
~always&forever, lucky3

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