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Effect The Future

Single mom driving by these big houses jealous that she isn't a resident
She decides to join everyone else and blame her low income on our president
Instead of blaming it on her own decisions
She begins to shake her head because making twenty-thousand a year wasn't in her intentions
Dropped out of high school cause she was sick of doing long division
Two years later she wish she would have listened
One of her kids has bad vision, no insurance
She doesn't know how long he's going to make it with out a check-up, she knows he has little endurance
She's like this could have been better if I had practiced abstinence
Twenty-two, with two kids boyfriend ran-out on them
No cash for Christmas so she knows not to go buy the A.T.M.
So she ask her boss for a bonus
He says I would move you to manager but you need your diploma...
Only if she had her diploma
Only if she had her diploma

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