The Kill

March 13, 2012
I take a step towards you now
Knowing that I will break your heart
You look up, your smile showing
And I can feel my terror growing
The dagger I carry behind my back
I have to use when I attack
It sparkles now in the shining moonlight
My task is simple, an easy feat
Your heart, your mind, they are so weak
You stand up, hold out your arms
Ready to hold me in your loving embrace
Carefully I hide my killing thoughts
As I wrap myself around your heart
Then the words I have to say
Strike your heart and it starts to spray
Tiny little ruby dots glitter all around
You fall silently onto the jewel-covered ground
Now I sit and watch you there
It’s almost like you’re sleeping
But deep inside I’m the one who knows
That it was me who killed your dreaming.

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