There was a time.......

March 12, 2012
There was a time......

I looked into his eyes and saw a endless unconditional love that would never disappear

I saw a person that loved me for who I was

I saw a person that would do anything for me

I saw a person that know all my deepest secrets

I saw a person who did not care what I looked like

He looked at me like a was a angle shinning from above

It was amazing feeling at the time

It was almost like in his eyes I could do no wrong

There was a time.......

He loved me

Now his eyes look like a black hole almost like evil took over

Now he just tells me what I am doing wrong

Now he dose not care about anything or anyone round him

He is just a whole new different person that I never know

There will be a time.......

He is will realize what he lost

All he has in his life is deep darkness inside him

All I can do now is just say goodbye to him once in for all

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