Pale White

March 12, 2012
By , Horn Lake, MS
You stare down at me with a beautiful gaze
And a radiance in which nothing can compare
Leading one to wonder, then stop and stare
I tend to miss you through the thickened haze

I wonder sometimes if you ever get only
With your bold, yet unchangeable solitude
Not many, but one of the multitude
You are yours alone, the one and only

Your shining brilliance floats down from high
An unchanging beauty from long since past
An eternal charm, so precise yet so vast
As you loom graciously in and out of the sky

A stunning portrait, so new to be old
Immortality rests upon your shores
Though I cannot reach you, as hard as I might

A modest spectacle, so common to behold
But unreachable through common doors
I find much solace in you, but only at night

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