when does time end?

March 12, 2012
By rach15 BRONZE, Pleasant Grove, Utah
rach15 BRONZE, Pleasant Grove, Utah
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I stare at my clock as time flys by, and can't help but wonder how soon I will die.
Will it be years?
will it be days?
Or will it be forever in life that I stay?
And that's when I realize how precious time is!
That's when i know what my purpose is.
It's to give all my time to my family and friends.
It's to give them my love, before my time

The author's comments:
A few people that i am close too recently went through a really hard time with losing some friends from an accident and cancer. And it really opened my eyes and made me realize that i never know when i wont wake up! I never know when my time is going to end.

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