"The Invisible Forces"

March 12, 2012
In our darkest hour, and times of despair,
there are signs of wisdom that tell you He’s there.
At the sight of light, He appears as the sun,
so for good against evil, good has won.
For many long years, we never believed,
in what Man has saw, and what we now see.
We look for what does not matter,
while we wait for the world to shatter.
We will be there, reborn in ashes,
but our lives must wait until the wind passes.
We can see some things, but the air is invisible,
and we say some things are the unthinkable.
There are things that occur and are not predicted,
yet no one is sitting there being convicted.
We are the cause of all the distress,
until our minds are stopped and put to rest.
The invisible forces are acting upon us,
and harsh words are brought up among us.
The message is there, it’s at the top,
it’s the invisible forces, so just stop.

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