We Have Found Out Reasons to Live Each Day

September 1, 2007
By Kelsi Taylor, FT. Hood, TX

We have found out reasons to live each day, to wait for another to pass this way Hold on to the past for the future is near and the things you leave behind will come in the clear Depression leaks in, like a infection to a sore Your world is yours for one second more Love what you have for it may not be yours for very much longer Keep on loving and keep on living for when you have found your reasons to stop searching that's when you have closed your mind to the world Then what's the point in making each day different from the last And what's the deal in making the person next to you laugh You need to impress and you need to make an imprint in other's lives for when you die, you'll be remembered for a good time And don't you want a little bit of recognition, for what you've done for others and don't you want a little love for what you've brought to the world around you? Brighten up your smile and open up your eyes Take a look around you for you only have one life Make someone's day for it may make your day worth while Love each other fairly, for they will remember your name. It's just a new way to play an unfair game. Life is just a mixmaster sending you in different directions. A tumbleweed rolling across the desert. A brick in the side of a building. A stitch in your sweater. Nothing makes it special unless you find a way to make it what it really is. Nothing makes it worth while unless you find time to make it worth everything you've got. And nothing makes you better than anyone else unless you give it all you have. Depression may leave a bump on your head and kick you in the shin, but if you find a way to pick yourself up and enjoy life, it's worth it in the end. Life is what you make it and time will always tell. Make yourself an impression to a world looking for something new. An ever changing atmosphere, we all have to get used to.

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