Wilted Rose

March 27, 2012
By acsgirl BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
acsgirl BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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It all started off with a whisper,
“I love you” and a box of chocolate.
Shyly we watched the sunset,
And slyly snuck in a quick kiss.
My heart thumped ideas of a wedding,
And my heart sought strolls in Paris.

We dreamed of moving to Paris.
He talked in a whisper,
“Maybe after our wedding”.
But that was just a dream as sweat as chocolate.
I awoke with a kiss,
And looked up to see a sunset.

My love is getting stronger, I am a caterpillar who will crawl into the sunset.
As I keep growing, I shall find myself in Paris,
Where I will be fully grown, ready for a kiss.
Suddenly I feel a tingling, a whisper.
My cocoon melts, as if it were melted chocolate.
I am now a butterfly, flying away to my wedding.

It is the day of my wedding.
It’s just where I wanted it; a beach with a sunset.
The cake we ordered is his favorite, chocolate.
I see our rings, both specially designed in Paris.
“I do”, I say in a whisper.
I know it is official when I close my eyes and feel his soft kiss.

I still look back on that kiss.
My wedding.
His whisper.
I can still see the sunset,
And I still se the same shine in my ring from Paris.
My love is still as fresh as it was back then, like a piece of fresh chocolate.

He gives me gifts, but our kids eat all of the chocolate,
And they “Aww” when they see us kiss.
I tell them stories of our honeymoon in Paris,
Or how I felt at my wedding.
We take them where we once sat. Our sunset.
He tells me once again he loves me, in a whisper.

I wish I could still hear his whisper, or taste his chocolate.
And , when I’m lonely, I go to our sunset and look back on our kiss.
We’ll meet again at our wedding in heaven, but until then, at heart in Paris.

The author's comments:
This poem is a heartfelt story into 7 stanzas! it all comes together in the end.

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