Waste Away

March 19, 2012
By FallenWolf GOLD, Houston, Texas
FallenWolf GOLD, Houston, Texas
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I want to play a game.
This game is called Waste Away.
The point of this game is for the player to fade away.
How you play its simple really.
All you have to do is this:
Cry until your tears are all dried up.
Hurt until you've had enough.
Apologize for what you're about to do.
Then simply let yourself waste and fade away,
As the darkness creeps your way.
When it does you will no longer feel
You will no longer care.
All you will see
All you will touch
All you will be
Is another piece of the eternal darkness.

The author's comments:
Eh I was feeling kind of low one day, and thinking about a game when this formulated in my mind.

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