Friendship Among Black Roses

March 19, 2012
By FallenWolf GOLD, Houston, Texas
FallenWolf GOLD, Houston, Texas
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Black roses all around me
Fate came crashing down so suddenly.
Falling to her knees
Her friend watches as she bleeds.
Scarlet blood spills from her wrist
Decorating her black rose in a crimson abyss.
With pained filled eyes she looks to her friend for help.
Holding out her bloodstained hand the colors all start to fade and dim.
Darkness slowly is closing in.
Smiling sadly, a tear falls from her cheek as she watches her friend die slowly at her feet.
Trying to hide her own hurt, she holds her friend as the blood stains her shirt.
She whispers softly in her friends ear
"I'm sorry that this turned out the way it did. I hope you forgive me for all the things that I did and did not do. However dear, I did love you just as I feared."
With a kiss to her cheek she closes her friends eyes.
Then removes the knife from her friends side as fear slowly begins to die.
With a quick slice her wrists are red
Again with her sadden smile she looks to the sky, saying a silent goodbye, and off she slips into the cold endless night.

The author's comments:
I wrote this out of fear of losing someone who I cared deeply for.

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