April 7, 2008
By alex pan, Solon, OH

On top of the desk stood a piece of memory
A piece of paper that grasped the joy of the moment
Everyday the paper smiles at me without effect
Once or twice I may walk near it and look
At the magnificent, the colors of its nature
Yet the florid hues strike no memories
Years went by before I noticed
Like all great works of art the colors are fading
With sun rise and sun down the rainbow fades away
With neglect they creep away without sway
On one side of the paper stood a family
Of values of closure and of happiness
On the other side there was nothing
Devoid of smiles, of family of everything
One day the paper will be just paper
White on both sides with no residue of colors
One day like the paper our memories will fade
We will forget and lose the touch of that day.

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