No One Understands....

March 13, 2012
By Anonymous

No one understands what types of thoughts run through my head.
No one understands that every day I imagine me being dead.

I see myself standing on the stage, holding a gun or a knife.
For a while I will just stand there thinking over my miserable little life.

I see the love, the hurt, the sadness and pain, and me hiding all of the tears.
I see the times when I was little, they seem like they were such happy years.

I imagine myself shoving the knife in or finally pulling the trigger.
I would watch as I would fall to the ground my face slowly getting dimmer.

I would see the light, which had been there so long, finally fade from my eyes.
I would see someone come in the theatre, watch their face, and see their disgust and surprise.

Watch them run over to my body and see if the death was real or fake.
Watch everyone say that I had made a huge mistake.

If only they could just understand what is going on in my mind.
How every day I want to end my life with a knife.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in English today.... No one seems to understand at all.... The whole dream that I talk about in this... I actually had that daydream. I have them quite often....

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