Scar of The Ignored

March 23, 2012
By Penandink BRONZE, Seneca Falls, New York
Penandink BRONZE, Seneca Falls, New York
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Favorite Quote:
" Life's too short to be organized " ~Kendall Schmidt

Broadened by catastrophe,
Oh broken heart be still,
The lives they take,
The wounds they make,
Be only for the thrill.

The ugly face of sorrow,
Stares right into the soul,
Ignore it not,
For though forgot,
It will return tomorrow.

Why we then ignore the pain,
Of friends who are enduring,
This constant pain,
The endless rain,
While away our heads are turning.

The author's comments:
Hey guys! I was just writing this as a reminder to not ignore the pain of others. Everyone goes through hard times and why make it harder? Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoyed! :)

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