I've Become What I've Feared Most...

March 23, 2012
By heyitzscott GOLD, Rochester Hills, Michigan
heyitzscott GOLD, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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Desolate and isolated,
This barren wasteland is all I’ve hated.
False hopes and dreams that bleed with lies
Have faded now from docile eyes.
No rain to quench my parched foundation,
I desperately pray for precipitation.
The sand I bear has become me,
I’ve become it, yet I long for the sea.
I’ve waited days for weeks to come
When I leave the vessel I’ve become.
Anticipated for things to change,
I only wait for the passing of days.
I’m a desert, helpless and alone,
So secluded without the bones
I knew so well, and within time,
I’ll meet some friends that I couldn’t find.

The author's comments:
This may seem emotionally stressful, however, it was merely written for my creative writing class. I dislike poems that rhyme, for the most part,and my teacher made me make this one rhyme. Despite the fact that it's a lonliness poem, I kind of like it. On a side note, you may understand the metaphor, and, if not, oh well, oh well.

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