Hail and Farewell

March 23, 2012
By severussnapeisepic BRONZE, Attica, Michigan
severussnapeisepic BRONZE, Attica, Michigan
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A small child weeps as the battle engages
The father's wrath is formidable when it enrages
The child's mother falls to the floor
All the boy wants to do is save his mother and run out the door
Then an angel appear; a crimson waterfall for hair
And the child knew he'd be safe somewhere

A scrawny teenager watches the angel grow
He longs to tell her what she should know
Yet he holds back, not strong enough and fears
That if he were to reveal, he'd end up in tears
Looking for acceptance, he turned black
And said something unforgivable that he could never take back

The angel ran away with his foe
Just as graceful and as swift as a doe
The young man turned bitter and cold
Wishing it was he the angel would hold
He did terrible things and was ashamed
But he didn't yet turn against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

One night, he was sent to spy in a bar
Listening to a prophecy from afar
Running to his master, the story was retold
And his master's plan made his blood run cold
To preserve his angel, he turned to a great man
But what transpired didn't go with their plan

The angel lay broken and his chest heaved as he sobbed
That night he turned against his master from whom he was robbed
Her child survived by an unfortunate event
Her love was key to her child's destruction she had to prevent
The man now had to protect the child
Who had the same eyes as his mother; made it worthwhile

In secret, the man worked hard to protect
Destroying any and all danger he could detect
But being his late enemy's son, he treated the boy with spite
Keeping the truth of it all from the light
His old master came back into power
And he promised to kill a man in a tower

It wasn't until later that it was revealed
The goodness that for all those years, he had concealed
His angel's son with the bright green eyes
Was the last thing he saw before he bid the living world goodbye
He always loved the angel and from his sins, he was rinsed
Hail and farewell, Half-Blood Prince

The author's comments:
This, for those of you who haven't caught on to my sublety, is about Professor Severus Snape. He is a well-writen character and Alan Rickman was perfect for it.

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