March 25, 2012
By me-encantan-losgatos BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
me-encantan-losgatos BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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when i saw the break of day
i wish that i could fly away
i waited till i saw the sun
dont know why i didnt stay
ill pretend my hearts no on fire
but im still catching teardrops in my hand
youve ruined me now but i liked it
kissed my neck with a crooked cracked face
careful confessions
i dont have to speak at all
looking for an anwser to a question i cant ask
drink me up in your thoughts
meet me at midnight
dont turn away
catch me as i fall
if i smile then dont believe
theres burning in my soul
skin has gotten thicker but it burns the same
hands in the flame
a sweet sacrifice
in my own sweet pain i grow stronger
cant get from under a sky that is falling
i fall into myself
i drift like smoke
once belonged
now forgotten
a journey far too long

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