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March 25, 2012
By kaycee333 SILVER, London, Other
kaycee333 SILVER, London, Other
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pain is like someone grabbing your heart with both hands pulling and twisting so bad that it just gives up. Its like everyone talking about how great there life is when you feel like you haven't even lived. Its like people talking about there dad ("oh how great he is") when yours isn't even here .Its like your mum promising and promising you the same thing over and over again when she never sticks to it.Pain is like your heart stops beating and no one even cares . Its like people trying to understand your problems when they can't as they haven't lived the life you have .Pain is where you get so upset your numb . you've just given up on life . Pain is where tears stream down your face for no apparent reason there just there . pain is like a shadow in your life that when good things come along they thing it is to good to be true .Then they never want to let go . it is the heart break the sadness the hurt and the tears all coming at once.Like an erupting volcano that keeps on getting ready to explode. Its the life that i live every second of the day always expecting the worst and never hoping for the best .

The author's comments:
the thing's that inspired me to write this was my life x

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