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March 14, 2012
By GingerSnap BRONZE, Old Hickory, Tennessee
GingerSnap BRONZE, Old Hickory, Tennessee
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Have you ever had a hope that kept you pushing and going?
Then have someone take it away, with them not even knowing
Reaching forward and strongly reaching for the sky
Failing and crumbled. Your face to hide

Have you had that one person take all you have away?
As you beg and plead them to come back in stay
You feel it was your fault that you were never home
When you come home late to find they weren’t sleeping alone

Have you ever lost something that’s close to you?
See a new scar, experience a new bruise
To feel your world change as you see the new
And know you have nothing left to loose

Have you ever felt the touch of someone who cared?
Felt their sense of comfort, and know they are there
To feel safe and secure, and no sense of harm
As they hold you and take you into their arms

Have you ever fallen in love, and gave it your all?
To trust them with everything, allow yourself to fall
Give them your heart, and all you posses
Show them all your love, no more or no less

We all have felt shattered, but the pain, it eases
We all may feel broken, but we are just the pieces
We all come together, to see a different view
That there’s always a story in me and you

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