The Face

March 14, 2012
By Wizbomb77 BRONZE, Milford, New Hampshire
Wizbomb77 BRONZE, Milford, New Hampshire
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One night, like many nights
A youth laid down to sleep
He wondered what the noises were
From the woods they seep

A deep moan he heard
Throughout the night it rang
Like a wolf's deathly cry
Every night it sang

The youth could not sleep
He could only hear
The menacing cries of ghosts and ghouls
Oh, how they filled him with fear

His heart was percussion solo
Droning on all night
It only paused a moment when
He saw a face of white

He saw it take a frosty breath
On the window pane
Then it became the night
And the cold, sprinkling rain

The youth could not sleep now
His fears were coming true
He thought to go outside
Which was the last he wanted to do

He slipped out the door
Thinking along the way
There was really nothing out there
He should wait for the day

But too late now
His foot was out the door
He would only take a peek
And nothing more

The youth glanced at the trees
Spying for a sign
When he saw a white hand
And heard a shrill whine

The hand retreated, taunting the youth
As if asking him to follow
Cautiously he trotted towards
The unrelenting hollow

His body was shaking
But his mind was still
Looking for the figure until
He felt a soft chill

It was cold breath on his neck
He went to turn around
He knew that it was
The source of the sound

The youth looked down
What he saw made him leap
The white and red face
In death's cold sleep

His screams lit the night
On the run to his home
And he could hear louder now
The devil's deep moan

In the morning he'd heard
The news had broken
They'd found her, too
Right where he'd trodden

But to his surprise
The examiners had cast
That the woman had died
Two days before the last

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece after hearing something out in the woods behind my house one night. I quickly grabbed a piece of paper and thought, "What could that noise have been?" I think I slept with one eye open that night.

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