March 22, 2012
By jeremiahlo BRONZE, Wausau, Wisconsin
jeremiahlo BRONZE, Wausau, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:

The boot is famous to the earth,
Because it is the foundation, that supports you to walk on.
The pen is famous to the writer,
Because it conveys the writers ideas

The clouds are famous to the sky,
Because when the wind blows the clouds change shape and size.

The football is famous to the hand,
Because when you catch the spiraled football,
You feel the adrenaline rush through your body.
The sun is famous to the skin,
Because when you go outside on a simmering hot day,
You feel your skin cook, as if it was in an oven.

The breeze is famous to runners,
Because it blows away the sticky sweat,
And keeps you motivated.
Your first word is famous to you parents,
Because once they hear it come out of your soft,
And tender lips, they will cherish it forever.

Leaves are famous to the trees,
Because when winter comes around,
The tree is abandoned from the ferocious and chapping wind.
Bats are famous to the baseballs,
Because when a muscular player comes up to bat,
He’s going to try to hit the hard, fastball so hard,
So it sails out of the roaring park.

The author's comments:
8Th grade assignment

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